Magnetic Island is ‘pocket-sized’, measuring approximately 7km by 5km. There are 10km of sealed roads and 25km of walking tracks on the island. Four villages lie in a line along the eastern shoreline; from south to north they are Picnic Bay, Nelly Bay, Arcadia, and Horseshoe Bay. Our ferry service arrives directly to Nelly Bay, a convenient 40 minute journey from Townsville.

Magnetic Island has 23 bays and beaches formed by rocky granite headlands. Over half of the island is protected as a National Park. Magnetic Island lays a mere 8km from Townsville in tropical Northern Queensland and is set within the Great Barrier Reef.

Fast Facts:

Land Size: 5,184 hectares
Coastline: 40km
Latitude:1 9°08′
Longitude: 146°50′
Highest Point: Mt Cook 497 metres