Magnetic Island is known for its collection of picture-perfect sandy beaches nestled alongside gentle bays formed by rocky headlands. The beaches near the residential areas (Nelly Bay, Picnic Bay, Arcadia, and Horseshoe Bay) are easily accessible while other locations can only be reached by steep trails or boat. With 23 beaches to choose from, an uncrowded spot on the sands can readily be found on Magnetic Island.

The 22 bays of Magnetic Island are as follows:

  1. Horseshoe Bay
  2. Balding Bay
  3. Radical Bay
  4. Gowrie Bay
  5. Florence Bay
  6. Arthur Bay
  7. Whitfield Cove
  8. Alma Bay
  9. Geoffrey Bay
  10. Nelly Bay
  11. Rocky Bay
  12. Picnic Bay
  13. Cockle Bay
  14. Bolger Bay
  15. Young Bay and West Point Beach
  16. Rollingstone Bay
  17. Huntingfield Bay – Five Beach Bay
  18. Wilson Bay
  19. Joyce Bay
  20. Norris Bay
  21. Maud Bay
  22. Lovers Bay

Note: Please be cautious of box jellyfish and stingers during the summer months
The summer months of October through May along the Northern Australian coastline are peak time for certain varieties of jellyfish such as the box jellyfish. The sting from these jellyfish can cause a very serious reaction. Some beaches on the island provide swimming areas protected by nets. It is strongly advised that should jellyfish warming be posted, you  swimming in the ocean. If you should be stung, apply vinegar to the sting and seek immediate medical attention.