Last month Fantasea Cruising were asked to give our assistance to the Magnetic Island Koala Hospital. The hospital had nine Koala’s in care and the Eucalyptus on the Island (kindly supplied by Bungalow Bay) wasn’t meeting the demand. Fantasea has been happy to help keep the supply of leaves at a healthy level by sponsoring travel each week to collect Eucalyptus from Townsville.

The Koala Hospital is run on a volunteer basis by local vet Alison Bee. This month, Alison and the team have seven koala’s in care. Two orphans, Elvis & Crikey, who are almost ready for release. Coco & Ash are two females recovering from dog attacks who are expected to make a full recovery. They have a male awaiting test results and another adult male suffering with severe eye injuries from Green ants. Then there is stormy, their baby orphaned Koala who will be in care for at least 12 months.

This time of year the koala’s are moving around for breeding season. The Magnetic Island Koala Hospital would like to remind people to keep their pets under control and to drive with care.

Fantasea would like to thank Ali Bee and the team for their tireless work helping our native Koala’s. Look out for updates in the next eNewsletter. 










Izzy and Stormy











Fantasea helping with the Eucalyptus leaf cut assistance – Supported by Bungalow Bay & Billabong Sanctuary