Some describe Magnetic Island as a snorkeler’s paradise, and with good reason. The water is stunningly blue and fringing reefs offer an easily accessed underwater world amongst the corals to explore. The island has two official snorkeling ‘trails’, marked by surface floats, and equipment rental is readily available. Magnetic Island lies within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, and aquatic life is both abundant and vibrant. Popular areas for snorkeling include Nelly Bay (the Shipwreck Trail), Florence Bay, Alma Bay, and Geoffrey Bay, as well as the nearby famous Yongala Wreck. Water temperatures are a constant 20°C throughout the year, making no time a bad time to be snorkeling on Magnetic Island.

You can purchase a water-proof Snorkel Trail Map from our Terminal for only $5.00, or check out our All-day Snorkel Package which includes a return walk-on ferry ticket, all-day bus pass, and snorkel card.














Jetski Tour of Magnetic Island

The original (3 HOUR) circumnavigation of Magnetic Island and beyond. Tours are designed to showcase the incredible, rugged beauty “Maggie” has to offer. Cruise entire Island coastline, riding luxury personal watercraft, or two per ski. The scenery is breathtaking; the rock formations will amaze you; the experience exhilarating.


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