Magnetic Island is a fisherman’s paradise, with angling possible from the beach, rocky points, and inshore waters. A catch is virtually guaranteed, with trophies as large as 22 pound Coral Trout and 44 pound Spanish Mackerel being landed by Magnetic Island fishermen. You are able to fish for bream, flathead, whiting, queen fish, and trevally in these waters as well.

Fishing tackle and fresh bait are easily obtained on the island, as well as boats with outboard motors. There are three ramps on the island, at Horseshoe Bay, Picnic Bay, and Nelly Bay Harbour. Guides are also readily available, should you wish a professional to show you the best spots. Popular locations include Middle Reef, West Point, Orchard Rocks, the wrecks of the Palmosa and the Argonaut in Horseshoe Bay, the rocks near Bright Point, Nobby Head, and Picnic Bay’s Jetty.

Please do be aware that fishing zones exist around Magnetic Island. We highly recommend that you consult a zoning map so you know where you may go and what you may do and are not disappointed. Printed copies are available at Fish’n N Fuel’n in Mandalay Ave, Nelly Bay. Alternatively, download the following resources:

  1. NQ Zones Overview Map
  2. NQ Detailed Reefs Map
  3. Great Barrier Reef Marine Park ZONING PLAN 2003, which includes information and coordinates on:
    • General Use Zone
    • Habitat Protection Zone
    • Conservation Park Zone
    • Buffer Zone
    • Scientific Research Zone
    • Marine National Park Zone
    • Preservation Zone
    • Commonwealth Islands Zone