Whether you bring your personal vehicle over onboard the ferry or rent your ride on the island, driving on Magnetic Island is a delightful way to explore island life and enjoy the variety of scenery and activities that can be readily found here. Navigation is easy, though road conditions may vary. Always check tide tables to ensure you will not be washed out!

Popular driving destinations around the island include Picnic Bay, Nelly Bay, Arcadia, and Horseshoe Bay, as well as of course, simply taking off in search of a sheltered bay and secluded beach sands. Should you have a 4WD vehicle, some remote driving tracks are possible, though extra caution on these routes is strongly advised.

The speed limit on the island is 60 km per hour, though speeders are frequent. Be very aware the wildlife is often in the road especially at dusk and in the night, as well as groups of pedestrians. A simple trick is to not be in a hurry- Magnetic runs on ‘island time’!